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Discover the amazing world of HandsOnMetrology 3D scanners from Zeiss - the ultimate solution for capturing the unique details of objects! With an impressive combination of advanced technologies, including 3D laser scanning and structured light 3D scanning, these 3D scanners take precision to a whole new level.

#HandsOnMetrology 3D scanners from Zeiss are designed to provide precise, accurate measurements for quality control and 3D metrology analysis.

What can you do with these incredible 3D scanners? The answer is simple: anything you can dream of! Create accurate 3D models of objects that can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you want to perform redesign (reverse engineering), conduct thorough quality control, or create impressive designs, these 3D scanners will be your faithful companions.

Through their extensive user base, Zeiss Hands-on Metrology products have proven their value in a range of industries. Enthusiasts in the automotive, aerospace, and healthcare sectors have embraced these scanners as an indispensable part of their work tools. With their unwavering focus on innovation and impeccable precision, Zeiss has established itself as an undisputed leader in measurement equipment worldwide.

When it comes to acquiring these fantastic products, you don't have to look any further. Nordisk 3D Service, formerly known as Norsk 3D Service AS in Norway and Scan 3D Innovation AB in Sweden, is the official distributor for HandsOnMetrology products. With our expertise and unparalleled customer service, we will guide you through your journey to achieve perfection in 3D scanning.

Don't miss the opportunity to take 3D scanning and measurement to the next level. Choose HandsOnMetrology 3D scanners from Zeiss and take control of the incredible world of precision and innovation. Become part of the ever-growing community of enthusiasts who have chosen to transform their visions into reality.


Metrology is the science of measurements and their variations. It encompasses the study of principles, methods, and techniques used to measure and calibrate various physical properties such as length, mass, time, temperature, electrical resistance, and many others. Metrology is an important area in science that aims to ensure accurate, reliable, and consistent measurement of physical quantities so that research results and technological applications can be as precise as possible. It is also essential to ensure that measuring equipment functions correctly and provides reliable results, and to ensure that measurement results can be compared between different laboratories and institutions.

Whether you are a professional researcher, a technology guru, or just a curious soul who values accuracy, our metrological equipment will take your experiments and projects to a whole new level of precision.

Become a master of measurements and ensure that your scientific discoveries and technological advancements are as accurate as possible.


Welcome to the world of metrology - where precision meets passion!


3d skanning T-SCAN-hawk_2
3d skanning Hands on MetrologyT-SCAN-hawk_2
T-SCAN-hawk_2 sensor 3d skanning

Zeiss T-SCAN hawk 2

Handheld precision, developed and produced by ZEISS.

T-SCAN hawk 2 is the next generation handheld 3D laser scanner from Zeiss. T-SCAN Hawk 2 has been tested and certified to the highest industry standards and has metrology-classified high accuracy. You can control the entire 3D scanning process directly on the scanner, with easy navigation buttons.


No matter the task or where the job needs to be done, with T-Scan Hawk 2, it's just a few keystrokes away.

As #HandsOnMetrologi tends to say:

Take it and make it!

3d skanning HOM_T-SCAN-hawk_2

Perfect working distance

With "projection mode," a red laser marker always helps you find the right distance to the object, ensuring perfect results every time. T-SCAN hawk 2 is intuitive to operate. With quick setup and no need for additional equipment, T-SCAN hawk 2 allows you to get to work right away. With the built-in "Satellite mode" it replaces traditional photogrammetry, and you can 3D scan objects up to 4 meters and still achieve results within the 3D scanner's documented accuracy interval using only uncoded markers. Hyper-scalebars are included in the delivery.

3d skanner HOM_T-SCAN-hawk_2_sensor

Easy operate T-SCAN Hawk 2 with the buttons

The 3D scanner has four buttons to start and navigate directly in the workflow. You don't need to operate the software separately on your PC.

Switch between different tasks

T-SCAN hawk 2 seamlessly adjusts resolution and working range. Whether you're 3D scanning small details, larger objects, or deep pockets, tight spaces, or hard-to-reach areas, it delivers on dark and glossy surfaces. T-SCAN hawk 2 supports scanning a wide range of materials and surfaces, delivering 3D measurement data with the highest precision.

3d skanning blanke overflatter HOM_T-SCAN-hawk_2_shiny_surfaces


T-SCAN hawk 2 is a fast and reliable solution for collecting the accurate data you need for 3D scanning and redesigning objects. Efficiently turn your objects into CAD models.


T-SCAN hawk 2 is a valuable tool for 3D inspections of wear and manufacturing deviations.
Take it indoors for maintenance, repair, and overhaul missions, and perform quick trend analysis and measurements.

3d skanning store objekter HOM_T-SCAN-hawk_2
3d skanner HOM_T-SCAN-hawk_2


With T-SCAN Hawk 2, you get data with very high resolution. You receive high-quality data to make qualified decisions.

3d skanner gom_scan1
GOM_Scan_1 3d skanner

GOM Scan 1

GOM Scan 1 is a 3D scanning system that allows you to quickly and accurately digitize physical objects. It uses structured light technology, where a light pattern is projected onto the surface of the scanned object. The high-resolution camera built into the 3D scanner captures the deformation of the pattern, and the resulting data is used to create a 3D model of the object.

3d skanning gom_scan1


One of the key features of GOM Scan 1 is its speed and accuracy. It is capable of capturing high-resolution 3D scans in a matter of seconds, and the resulting models are accurate within a few hundred micrometers. This makes it a valuable tool for a wide range of applications, including redesign (reverse engineering), quality control, and product design.


The scanner head is mounted on a stand or a gantry, depending on the system's configuration, and connected to a computer running the 3D scanning software. This allows users to control the 3D scanning process and view the resulting 3D data in real-time.

nøyaktig 3d skanning gom_scan1


GOM Scan 1 comes with a user-friendly software interface that guides users through the 3D scanning process and allows them to quickly and easily process and analyze the resulting 3D data. The system is compatible with a variety of file formats, including STL, OBJ, and PLY, making it easy to integrate into existing workflow processes.

Atos q nøyaktig 3d skanner
3d skanner ATOS_Q


Atos Q is a powerful portable 3D scanner that produces high-resolution and accurate 3D scans and measurements of various objects, from small to medium-sized parts across different industries.


It features interchangeable lenses for flexibility and an elegant, modern design for portability.

Atos Q is especially suitable for quality control, production, and engineering applications to ensure the accuracy of products and parts.


This is a robust and compact 3D scanner designed for use in tough industrial environments.

3d skanning med Atos Q


Designed for industrial use, ATOS Q is constructed with 8 million or 12 million points per scan (PPS), a light blue LED light equalizer, and Triple Scan technology, which reduces the number of individual scans needed and increases the speed of the measurement process, optimizing your workflow even on complex parts. It also has a fiber optic connection to enable fast data transfer, an intelligent self-monitoring calibration system, and active temperature control.



ATOS Q uses blue light LED illumination to enhance the accuracy and resolution of the 3D scanning process. It reduces ambient light interference and allows scanning of challenging surfaces. The technology also enables adjustment of light intensity and angle to further improve accuracy.

3d skanning med 3d skanner fra GOM


ATOS Q is available in 12M and 8M versions.


The sensors capture up to 2 × 12 million or 2 × 8 million coordinate points per scan.


It has five different interchangeable measuring volumes ranging from 100 x 70 mm² to 500 x 370 mm².

detaljerte 3d skanning T-Scan Zeiss
T-Scan Zeiss 3d skanning


A modular markerless data capture system. Fast, intuitive, and highly accurate.

The modular ZEISS T-SCAN system scans 3D data without any markers. The handheld T-SCAN laser 3D scanner works together with the optical tracking system T-TRACK and the touch probe T-POINT. Together, the system operates intuitively and provides precise 3D measurements.


In combination with the GOM Inspect software, it reaches a new dimension in metrology.

T scan zeiss 3d skanning
  • Fast and highly precise 3D scanning

Outstanding technical features, innovative camera technology, high-quality ZEISS optics, and fast data acquisition speed provide a seamless 3D scanning process and precise measurement results

  • Dynamic references

Scan 3D data with high precision, even on moving objects - with the dynamic reference function, you can perform your measurements regardless of whether the object is in motion, including vibrations

  • Thrives on a big challenge

Ideal for 3D scanning large or heavy objects. Built-in photogrammetry provides high precision for very large objects.



Combine a handheld T-SCAN laser 3D scanner with the optical tracking system that suits your needs.

for large measurement volumes up to 20 m³

for a smaller measurement volume up to 10 m³ and higher accuracy.

Touch probe T-POINT
For measuring separate object areas such as edges and standard geometry or optically challenging areas.


3d skanning zeiss

GOM Inspect: Intuitive software for a streamlined workflow

The modular T-SCAN system operates with GOM Inspect, the software solution that has become the standard in 3D metrology. Measurements and inspections can be performed on-screen, and the parametric function makes all process steps traceable. For a simplified, faster, and more productive workflow.

gom_inspect programvare til 3d inspekson og kvalitetskontroll

3D Software from ZEISS




ZEISS Quality Suite gives you direct access to a growing range of 3D metrology software solutions, including ZEISS Inspect, ZEISS Reverse Engineering (ZRE), and ZEISS Inspect Pro Line for ATOS Q.

ZEISS Inspect is included and seamlessly works with all HandsOnMetrology 3D scanners. ZEISS Inspect is an advanced 3D metrology and inspection software that allows you to enhance the quality of your products and processes. With ZEISS Inspect, you can perform a variety of measurements, including point clouds, surfaces, and volumes, on both physical objects and 3D CAD models. Additionally, the software has a range of data analysis and reporting functions that enable you to detect and correct errors, optimize production processes, and improve product quality. ZEISS Inspect can also be integrated with other software systems, such as CAD and CAE, to provide a complete solution for product development and quality control. With ZEISS Inspect, you can ensure that your products meet specifications and that processes are efficient and reliable. Experience improved results and increased competitiveness with ZEISS Inspect.

ZEISS Reverse Engineering is advanced software that enables you to create precise 3D models of physical objects. With ZEISS Reverse Engineering, you can quickly and easily scan the object and then use the software to create a detailed 3D model.


This model can then be used for various types of analysis and simulations, as well as for creating prototypes and producing new products. The software can be used in a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, medical technology, and aerospace.

ZEISS Reverse Engineering offers a complete solution for reverse engineering, with support for both 3D scanning and data management, as well as a range of tools for processing data and creating 3D models. It is easy to use and provides high precision, making it an excellent tool for improving product quality and developing new products and processes. Experience improved results and increased competitiveness with ZEISS Reverse Engineering.

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