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Expert in 3D Scanning & 3D Print - Find the Top 3D Scanner & 3D Printer

Nordisk 3D Service (formerly Norsk 3D Service AS in Norway and Scan 3D Innovation AB in Sweden)
- Professional 3D services in Norway and Sweden

Experience our exceptional 3D services, where our expertise in
3D scanning and 3D printing is unmatched. We provide a wide range of services that cater to diverse needs and objectives. With our advanced technology and experienced team, we deliver impressive results for projects of all sizes. Explore our array of services and discover the possibilities within the world of 3D.  Find the best for you 3D Scanner and 3D Printer with us!

Artec 3D scanners displayed all together
Artec 3D Logo

Which Artec 3D Scanner to choose?

We take pride in being an authorized reseller of Artec 3D scanners, renowned for their quality and precision. These devices are ideal for scanning objects of any size, regardless of complexity. Whether it's industrial objects, artworks, or even humans, Artec 3D scanners capture both geometry and texture with incredible detail. With smart and powerful algorithms, we simplify the 3D scanning of colored objects without the need for markers.

Explore our range of professional Artec 3D scanners

Zortrax 3D printer M300 Plus

Zortrax 3D Printer for Innovative Manufacturing

Nordisk 3D Service (formerly Norsk 3D Service AS in Norway and Scan 3D Innovation AB in Sweden) as an authorized distributor of Zortrax products can offer the best in 3D printing. With Zortrax 3D printer, you can bring your creative visions to life and produce impressive products. Whether it's prototypes, functional parts, or even finished products, our modern 3D printing solutions meet your needs. Explore our selection of Zortrax 3D printers and uncover the possibilities for rapid prototyping and manufacturing. Explore our top-quality 3D printers from Zortrax.

GOM scan 1 3D scanner
Hands on Metrology logo

Partnership with #HandsOnMetrology and ZEISS 3D Scanners

We are proud to collaborate with #HandsOnMetrology, introducing ZEISS 3D scanners to our portfolio.
The aim of #HandsOnMetrology is to establish new standards in 3D metrology and share knowledge about its various applications. The project supports a community of designers, technicians, engineers, researchers, and specialists with valuable expertise to enhance product quality, optimize processes, and expand possibilities. ZEISS 3D scanners are perfect for precise 3D scanning of industrial objects where accuracy is of utmost importance. Together with #HandsOnMetrology, we provide advanced solutions for accurate and reliable 3D scanning.

3D Scanning Services
for Various Applications

3d skanning GOM skanner

At Nordisk 3D Service (formerly Norsk 3D Service AS in Norway and Scan 3D Innovation AB in Sweden) we are dedicated to delivering professional 3D scanning services that cover a wide range of applications. Our experienced team and extensive range of 3D scanners enable us to 3D scan objects of almost any size with the desired precision. Whether you require reverse engineering of mechanical parts, quality control, digitization of art, surveying, CAD model comparison, or 3D scanning of buildings and structures, we are here to assist.
Our 3D scanners deliver accurate and detailed results, which can be used as a foundation for further modeling and advanced analysis. Explore our comprehensive 3D scanning services.

3d produksjon machine tool in metal factory with drilling cnc machines

3D production and
Rapid prototyping

Order Your Custom 3D Production

We are your specialists in 3D print and 3D production, offering a range of techniques to bring your ideas to life. Whether it's 3D print, CNC milling, or vacuum casting, we have the right solution for you. With our wide selection of materials, colors, and unlimited capacity, we can produce products according to your specifications. Whether you need prototypes, functional parts, or large-scale production, our 3D production services are of high quality and reliability. Explore our 3D production services and choose the best technique for your needs.

3d modell i 1:500 skala #bymodeller #3d modeller for arkitekter #reguleringsplan modeller

Let Us Create
Unique 3D Models for You

In our model-building workshop, we create high-quality physical models for various purposes. Whether it's exhibition models, scale models, architectural models, or terrain models, we can deliver customized solutions based on your requirements. We at Nordisk 3D Service (formerly Norsk 3D Service AS in Norway and Scan 3D Innovation AB in Sweden) combine 3D printing and craftsmanship, we create complex and detailed models that will impress. Get in touch with us and let us bring your ideas to reality.


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